Friday, October 23, 2009

Luciana - 6 months

Happy 1/2 Birthday Luci!

Halfway to her first birthday - I can't believe it! This past month she has become noisier and even more active. Aunt Dani gave us her Jump-a-roo, and boy does she love it. Sometimes I am scared that she is going to catapult herself out of it. However, she has started a habit of whining when she can't see us while jumping. But as soon as we come back into her line of vision, she smiles and resumes jumping. She loves jumping in the the Jump-a-roo so much that she continues the bouncing movement even while she is out of it. Like when we hold her in church, she has to stand on our laps and bounce up and down. She is very entertaining for the other parishioners.

When we go out, we get compliments about how good she is. I am sure that when people see a couple enter a restaurant with a baby, they hope that the little family is not seated by them. But Luci is so good when it comes to eating and not fussing too much that we actually attract people as they walk passed us.
She is able to sit up without the aid of her arms now, but it really only lasts for a few seconds until she loses her balance and she either catches herself or she just falls over. I am amazed at how strong she is getting. Aunt Dani also gave us all sorts of fun toys which force Luci to sit up, so she is getting good practice daily. I still sit behind her just in case...I don't trust her that much yet.

Everyone who watches her while we are at work is amazed at how pleasant she is. Rarely is she fussy, and when she is, it's because she is fighting sleep. Then she wakes rejuvenated and happy. And we I open the door and walk into the house, a huge smile comes across her face and I am rejuvenated as well.

I am still nursing her, which makes me happy. She has discovered my hair, and now plays with it while nursing. She also rubs my arm or pats me while eating - it melts my heart. I could do without the chin hickeys, but I love the fact that she loves me so much!

We are looking forward to halloween - we have 2 parties to go to, so of course we have 2 costumes! Pictures of that coming next month!
Here are pictures from this past month:


Sarah said...

She is so adorable! I loved it when he played with my hair while nursing. Ok, time for another one!

bluzdude said...

What a cutie!

My nephews loved their doorway bouncer too. And for some reason, I could just sit there and watch them bounce forever...