Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jillian - Episode #8

FINALLY! Wes is gone!

And he was/is a total sleaze. When he was in the limo after he got the boot, he admitted to having a girlfriend and said that he was done acting. I can't believe that he let her believe that he was so into her for so long.

Now that he is gone, I don't really care too much who she ends up with, because the remaining 3 are so nice and genuine.

I just can't wait until the reunion show...I am curious to see what Wes says and how Jillian reacts.


Becky said...

Finally just about sums up the entire episode. I had to rewatch his interview in the limo to be sure I heard him correctly. I cannot believe he openly admitted to a girlfriend so quickly. I was shocked. He was a complete butthead. His actions in Spain were unacceptable. I hope he bombs as a singer b/c of his activities on the show.

How are you? We're coming to the 'burgh in August. I'll send you dates once they are set in stone. I cannot wait to meet Luci.

Carla said...

PLEASE let me know when you are in town...can't wait to see you!

i totally agree with you about wes. i bet that his behavior on the show is actually going to hurt his music career...total backfire! i think that he is my most least favorite person on these shows ever!