Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Survived and Celebration

Part 1 - I Survived!

I made it...I worked all day and didn't cry! I am so proud of myself. I just hope that when I start back for good that it goes just as well (READ: I hope that I don't cry!).

Part 2 - Celebration!
Anyway, today is our 3rd anniversary - I just want to acknowledge John and what a great dad and husband that he is! Luci and I love him SO MUCH!


pajama mom said...


happy anniversary!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! Every day back at work gets a little easier. And some days you'll actually WANT to go to work! :)

WASPY GIRL said...

Happy anniversary! I like that wedding picture. Your wedding was off the charts. Josh still talks about it...and your massive cookie room.

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! And, I agree with Sarah, each day back will get a little easier. It is nice to be out of the house and adult conversation throughout the day is wonderful. It's all about balance. Enjoy your last few weeks at home!