Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jillian - Episode #11

So Reid did return. He got out of an airport taxi-van directly to where Jillian was about to give the final rose to Ed. She had just let Kiptyn go (who by the way was very gracious about his rejection), so she was totally expecting the next person walking toward her to be Ed.

Imagine her surprise when she saw Reid. He got down on one knee with a ring in hand and proposed to her. For awhile there, I actually thought that she was going to accept his proposal. She had to go inside and ponder everything. After talking with Chris, she knew that she was in love with Ed and that he was the one who she wanted to be with.

It would have been a great twist if she would have picked Reid.

I knew that she was going to pick Ed after she was so upset when he left, when she was so elated upon his return by giving him a rose, and when she kept him around after the not-so-romantic over night date.

Tonight is the "After the Final Rose" episode. I don't think that there are going to be any fireworks during this episode. I hope that this one lasts...time will tell!

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pajama mom said...

i watched this episode at the beach with my in-laws, hey there is a first time for everything!

aren't you so proud?

p.s. i watched after the rose last night too.