Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jillian - Episode #7

She is such a fool! What kind of spell has Wes put on her? I can't believe that he is still there! Jake came back during this episode to tell her everything. He even came right out to say that he was NOT there to get a rose or anything like that. He genuinely cares for her and wanted her to be aware of the lies that Wes has been telling her. Apparently Wes told Jake on several occasions that he has a girlfriend named Laurel in Austin, and that when confronted about it - Wes will claim that she is an ex-girlfriend who he is still friends with. And guess what he said when Jillian asked about the alleged girlfriend? Exactly as Jake predicted. AND SHE STILL GAVE HIM A ROSE - MADDENING!

Other drama - Ed came back to say that he made a mistake by leaving earlier and that he wants another chance. So she invited him to the rose ceremony and gave him a rose. Unfortunately Michael and Jesse got the boot (both were quality guys).

Next week they go to Barcelona and Wes slips by referring to Laurel as his girlfriend instead of ex-girlfriend when the subject comes up yet again.

As long as she doesn't pick Wes in the end, I will be happy - all the other guys are definitely good ones!

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