Monday, June 15, 2009

Bye-Bye Play-off Beard!

In lieu of the Pittsburgh spirit, John decided to grow a play-off beard during the NHL play-offs since the Pens made it. Thinking that they wouldn't get very far, I didn't object. This was started the day that Luci was born. But of course, the Pens went on to actually win the Stanley Cup, which means that this beard has been rocking out for almost 2 months!

Now - you have to understand that for as long as I have known John, he has always had some form of facial hair. When we started dating, he always had a goatee. Then about 2 years ago, I suggested the scruffy beard look (like McSteamy or Dr. Sloan on Grey's Anatomy) - he tried it and liked it. I have NEVER seen him without facial hair - that is until now!

Here are pictures of the unveiling - in a step-wise process:
All hairy:
A little off the chin:
A little off the sides:
A little bit left under the lip:

He looks SO DIFFERENT - I couldn't believe it! His co-workers are not going to recognize him at all!

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Becca said...

Tell John I love it! It's funny, because I like the longer hair combo with the facial hair, but I really like the short hair with the no facial hair. I guess he looks good no matter what he does!