Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jillian - Episode #6

I have to start by saying that my hatred for Wes grows by the week. I can't believe that this week he actually said during one of his "behind the scenes" interviews that he is here for exposure to boost his music career...then he even told the other guys that he has an "agenda." The looks on the others' faces - I am surprised that none of them went straight to Jillian to warn her.

Then Tanner came clean about being the tattle-tale who told Jillian that someone there had a girlfriend. He said that he never mentioned any names. All the other guys were pretty understanding and admitted that if they were being honorable, then they have no need to be angry...all of them except for Wes. He totally went off about why people should mind there own business, etc., and got all defensive. Jake picked up on it right away and became suspicious.

I am so bummed that she booted Jake...they seemed to have such a great connection in the beginning, but they really haven't had much time together since, and I guess she felt that she made stronger connections with other guys and the douche-bag (aka Wes).

That as all the excitement of that episode. But the previews for the future episodes look juicy! Next week is the Home-Town Date week. After that are the Fantasy Dates, and it looks like Jake returns to tell Jillian about Wes and actually confronts Wes about the issues with Jillian there. I can't wait for that drama to unfold!

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