Thursday, August 9, 2012

He strikes again!

2 years ago, we got kicked out of church due to Luci's behavior - which really wasn't THAT bad!  You can refer to this incident in a prior post.

Well - last Saturday night, it happened to us again - this time with Alena.

Ironically, she is pretty much the exact same age as Luci was when it happened before.

The age span of 12 months - 18 months is a challenge at church, but it's worth it to muscle through it so that the children can eventually learn how to behave appropriately during mass.

I refuse to go to the cry room for multiple reasons - my top 2 are these:
1. I wouldn't feel like a part of the congregation - I don't think that there should be segregation at church.
2. The cry room is basically another play room, and how are children supposed to learn how to behave in church if they know there is a place the play there?

My children have never been in the cry room and they will never go in there.

So - the obvious question is - why don't we just leave this parish and join another one.
Trust me, I am considering it - but there are 2 things keeping me from doing just that:
1. I LOVE our parish (excluding this priest, obviously). We have made such great friends there, and I can't bear the thought of leaving them.
2. I don't want this priest to drive us away - he can't win.

Therefore - I am being proactive in making sure that he understands that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. 

I already composed a letter to the bishop.  I actually wrote this letter 2 years ago, but  never sent it - it was more of a venting outlet for me at that time.  I edited the letter by updating it with this most recent offense, and I have every intention of sending it.

The thing that I am struggling with right now is my attitude toward attending mass - which consists of anxiety, paranoia, fear, and even anger.  These are not the emotions that should be associated with going to church.  Therefore, I have contacted our parish's deacon so that I may be able to obtain some spiritual guidance during this time.  I am hoping that he will help me through this and give me some good advice.

I am open to more advice too - hint, hint!

I probably should just go directly to this priest and confront him, but he will twist everything around and I will end up even angrier - and will probably have to go to confession afterward.

I will keep you updated on what occurs...


Mrs. said...

Good for you to complain to the bishop! He should just be happy you are there and leave it at that. :D

Carla said...

karen - this priest is Fr. Tom - remember him from St. Bart's when we were in grade school and high school? that is another reason why this makes me so angry - he has known me for YEARS!!!!

Mrs. said...

I am picturing gray hair and glasses? I would much rather hear a baby cry in church than have a silent child play a videogame. Stick it to them!

J. said...

I always think it's best to compose letters and then not send them. (A practice I've not always adhered to only to later regret it). I'm not sure about how the church hierachy is structured, but is there any way you could meet with the priest himself to explain your situation? That's probably what I'd do. Or else attend the servies where he's not "officiating" until A. is a little older?

I admire your desire to teach kids how to behave during mass!

Jace said...

That priest sounds mean!