Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church Booting

Going to church with a toddler is a challenge.

We have been taking Luci to church since she was 10 days old. My theory: get the kids used to the dynamics of church so that they learn to behave earlier.

I will admit, there are times when she gets a little restless and/or rambunctious and John or I will take her out for a short period of time. I refuse to take her to the cry room because the kids there can be pretty bad and I don't want her to get used to that kind of behavior at church.

Luci had a really bad night last night - all 4 eye teeth are coming in at the same time, which makes for really restless nights.

She was great this morning, so we headed to 9:00 mass as usual. She was fine - that is until the homily. For some weird reason, she felt the need to take her shoes off - then proceeded to try to put them back on again - and got pretty frustrated when she failed.

Like I said before - there have been times when John or I have needed to take her out in the past. Although we were nearing that point today, we weren't quite there yet.

And then it happened -

In the middle of his homily, I hear the priest say "Okay, I think that she's had enough." I look up to see the entire congregation looking at us - we were humiliated. John promptly took her to the back.

I sat through the rest of mass FUMING! Here's why:

A few months ago, Luci was being a little fussy - again borderlining on going out. Well, then I smelled it - so John grabbed a diaper and the wipes and headed out. In the middle of the homily, the same priest shouts - "oh don't take her out - she's fine!"


I swear - she was not being THAT distracting - I know when enough is enough at church. I was just so mortified that he felt the need to do that to us in church.

I got a lot of sympathetic looks from friends, and even a phone call from one when we got home.

We have heard about many parishioners leaving our parish because of this priest's antics - now we know why!


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Wow. That is rather surprising. We always just drop S in the nursery because I'm sure we'd be asked to leave if we brought her with us :)