Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our first broken bone!

2 weeks ago, Alena had an accident.

She was standing on her little rocking horse seat -
- and of course I do not encourage that!
The seat is about 6-8 inches off of the ground.
She fell.

I knew immediately.
The cry was different.
She wouldn't stand.
She wouldn't stop crying.

Off we went to Children's Hospital.

Diagnosis: spiral fracture of her right tibia.

Treatment: long leg cast (aka above the knee cast)
She adapted well - too well.
She started crawling, then standing, then walking.
We were assured that all of this activity was fine.

Then I noticed a weakness in the heel of the cast.
I brought casting material home from work to reinforce it.
But when I got home, the weakness turned into a blow out.
I could see her skin.

Back to Children's Hospital we went -
a new cast now.
This one has extra padding and extra fiberglass around the heel.

Hopefully this one will last-
I can't wait until September 24!

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KAMELIA said...

i hope she has gotten so much better nothing worse when something bad happens to our children expecielly while playing. ough.I hope you are all well and better now. cheers camilla