Sunday, July 15, 2012

So honored!

A little background:

As newlyweds we joined a local Catholic church.
I noticed another young couple there -
the wife looked familiar, but I always think I know people.

After we had Luci, they had a little boy.
Then I would see them walking in the neighborhood.

We started talking after church,
and would walk together if our paths crossed.

Her name is Erin, he is Jay,
and there little boy is Cameron.

Erin is an OT and works with children.
She did her OT schooling at Pitt.

She graduated in 2002 - 2 years after me!

Well, we have become very close and do a lot together.

They just had another little boy - William.
Today was his baptism.
John and I are his Godparents.

I can't think of a bigger honor.

1 comment:

J. said...

Carla, You do know EVERYBODY!
That's so nice that you are his Godparents.
You look great! Your hair is so long and shiny :)