Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pen Pal

In 5th grade, we had an assignment.
We received messages from another 5th grade class in Delaware.
The messages were distributed to us randomly.
We were required to write one letter.

I wrote mine.
She wrote back.
Her name was Lisa.
We continued throughout grade school.

We still wrote in high school.
We even met a few times.
My family would always vacation in Ocean City, MD.
Lisa's family would vacation in Fenwick Island, DE.
Not too far from each other.
So we got together at ages 12, 15, and 16.

We continued to write in college, and advanced to email.
We talked about school, family, careers, and of course boys!
As we graduated, our communication dwindled,
but we would still keep in touch here and there.

Lisa started to follow my blog
and contacted me a few months ago.
She is married and lives in Virginia.

Then I received an email the other day.
Her husband was in Slippery Rock for work.
She was traveling to see him over the holiday weekend,
and wanted to try to meet up.

So we did...after 16 years!
It was great, Lisa's husband drove down
and we all enjoyed an evening at my parents' restaurant!

I dug out some old pictures.

Here we are at age 12 (August 1990) - our first meeting.
Loving the hair aren't you...can you say awkward phase?

Here is August 1993, only 3 years later,
but looking more like ourselves.
This picture includes Lisa's Mom, Marina, me, Lisa, my Mom, and Dani.

The following summer - August 1994.
We were posing for those cheesy telescope pictures.
Laugh all you want...I already did!Finally - May 2010 - still friends after writing for 21 years!


Sarah said...

That's so cool!!

pajama mom said...

yes, very cool!

Mrs. said...

Too funny! I was just thinking about these the other day for some reason. Our class' (I think we weren't in the same homeroom that year but can't remember) was from Iowa but she never wrote back to me. :( ha ha!