Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ali - Episode #1

Ah, yes...another season of The Bachlorette - bring on the drama!

The first episode is never exciting...just introductions to the various personalities that will eventually clash later in the season.

My top picks for the season based on first impressions:

Chris (from Cape Cod)

I think that I had another 1 or 2 that stood out, but that's all I can remember now.

The previews for the season of course show a lot of drama - we have another bad boy (Craig from Canada) who seems to be like David from Jillian's season. And there seems to be a guy there with a girlfriend back home (hmmm...is Wes back?).

Looking forward to Monday nights through the summer!


I haven't peeked at Reality Steve's site yet...I know that he is going to spill the beans about the end...don't know if I want to find out already.

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