Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Luciana - 10 months

Our little girl is getting so big way too fast. She is crawling and cruising like a champ now. She is even starting to take a few steps on her own at times. Although I am not encouraging the walking phase yet, I am secretly excited. She plays a new game with me where she takes off crawling toward the steps and waits at the bottom until I come around the corner to scoop her up. She loves it. Sometimes I let to climb the steps when someone is right behind her.

She has a few more teeth now - all 4 front teeth are coming in now. She is constantly chewing on toys, bottles, books, and body parts. Those little teeth hurt! She bit John in the middle of church last week, and he was in pain. There were little imprints from her teeth on his wrist.

Pointing is her new thing. Sometimes when you ask her "where's mama?" or "where's daddy?," she will look for us and point. It melts our hearts. We know that she is going to be a talker because all she does is babble like we know what the heck she is saying.

We took her out in the big mounds of snow for a photo-shoot. With the massive amount of snow that we got this month, she looked so little next to the piles around the yard. We are just now waiting for spring to come so that all the snow will melt and we can finally play outside.

Stay warm in the meantime everyone!

Here are pictures from the last month: