Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jake - Episode 5

Still can't stand Vienna. I just don't understand why Jake keeps her around.

He had a great date with Ali, who surprisingly didn't want to discuss her disdain for Vienna. And when Jake pushed the subject, she remained calm, handled it well, and didn't talk bad about Vienna at all.

He admitted that he sees a different Vienna when he is with her. It just frustrates me that no one points out the fact that he was a victim of this kind of behavior during Jillian's season with Wes. It was the exact same thing: Wes was sweet and charming when he was with Jillian, and then a total jerk as soon as her back was turned. Oh well.

It looks like Ali is leaving on her own next week, just as the spoiler predicted. I just hope that my prediction plays out and Jake runs off after the final rose to give it to her.

Only a couple more weeks of this trash!

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