Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jake - Episode 7

This was the fantasy date episode where Jake went on overnight dates with all 3 girls in St. Lucia.

Same old thing: they do some sort of day activity, go to dinner, talk, kiss, the note from Chris Harrison is presented allowing them to "fore go their individual rooms to spend the night as a couple in the fantasy suite," they go the suite, and then the doors close...wonder what happens then. Blah, blah, blah...seen it all before.

The only interesting part was when Ali called Jake the morning of the rose ceremony. She admitted that she had made a mistake by leaving and regrets it. She asked to come back. After stammering over his words, Jake said no. I was hoping that Reality Steve was wrong this time, but unfortunately, he was right. So Ali did not return.

And the final 2 are Tenley and Vienna. Bye-bye to Gia.

Next week is the "Women Tell All" episode, then the finale the following week.

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