Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not a good sign...

So John, Luci, and I pull up to the warehouse where our TV is supposedly being repaired, and we can see that it is not open.

However, there is a sign that reads:

Pick up only on Wed, Thurs, Fri
Everything must go:
Desk, Chairs, File Cabinets, etc.

There was a phone number too. Of course I called and left a pretty nasty message.

Then we realized that there were "For Sale by Owner" signs up that were not there 3 weeks ago. So I called that number and a poor elderly woman answered who explained to me that they have been leasing the building to the TV guy, that he has been having financial problems for about 6 months, and now her husband has not been able to get in touch with him.

We are so incredibly angry...why would he agree to repair our TV knowing that he was in trouble? Also, why wouldn't he just call his customers, explain his situation, and tell us to come and pick up our TVs. If we wouldn't have driven down there, we would have never known any of this.

So our plan is to go back tomorrow. If he is not there, we are going to call the police to get us into the building and get our TV back.

This is so ridiculous!