Sunday, August 30, 2009

Girls' Night Out

John's cousin Meghan is getting married in October, and yesterday was her shower and bachelorette party. I was hesitant on going to the bachelorette party and leaving Luci for the evening, mainly because John was going to the bachelor party, my mom was working, and my mother-in-law was also going to the bachelorette party.

After some discussion with friends, I was convinced that it is a good idea to get out every once in a while to have some fun without the baby. I was able to drop Luci off at my aunt's house on my way out and I am really happy that I did it.

We went to "Sing Sing," which is a dueling piano bar. I used to frequent there before John and I got married. I was even invited to dance on the piano much fun! The music was great, the atmosphere was great, and the people were great. My friend, Melany, and I traveled together (she has 2 kids) and we seemed to be enjoying ourselves a little more than the rest of the group. We realized that this is because we seldom get to do stuff like this anymore...kinda sad, but at least we know that we will have a good time. I even had a beer...the first one in over a year!

The best part was that my mom picked Luci up from my aunt's house on her way home from work, took her to my house, bathed her, and put her to sleep. I have the best family!

Melany and I vowed to make this a ritual every other month or so.

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pajama mom said...

i went there for a girls' night out and was shocked they used "bad words" -

out loud!

it was then i realized i needed to get out more often...

glad you had fun! :)