Saturday, June 4, 2011

A gift for myself...

I hate the summer with my hair -

If I wear it curly, it's a frizzy mess.

If I try to straighten it - I am a sweaty mess during the process, and then the result isn't all that great.

So - I treated myself to the Brazilian Blowout - a protein treatment that makes hair silky , shiny, and smooth for 4 months.

No more flat-iron, no more frizz, no more sweating - I am so happy!


pajama mom said...

it looks awesome!

slowly growing old together said...


Fantastic idea. I've toyed with it before and now that summer is upon us (with no spring to ease us in), I think you're idea is brilliant. Glad you spent the time and money on a gift for yourself. Enjoy an easy-hair summer!!


WASPY GIRL said...

You totally deserve it!