Monday, June 20, 2011

Life with a toddler

Last week:
I was finishing nursing Alena.
Luci was sitting in the playroom where I could see her.
I noticed a strange look on her face.
As I approached her - I was mortified.
She had her hand in her diaper.
When she pulled it out, her hand was covered in poop!
I stopped her just before she tried to smear it on the carpet.

This week:
I was getting dinner ready.
Alena was content in the swing.
I heard Luci open the pantry door (not an unusual occurrence).
Luci came into the kitchen with a look of concern.
Her sun dress was covered with some brownish-substance.
My first instinct - she vomited.
I looked into the living room and I saw a puddle of that brown substance.
Still thinking - she vomited.
Then I noticed the bottle of SYRUP by the kitchen table!!!

I wonder what next week will present...

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pajama mom said...

love that girl!