Monday, February 21, 2011

Very Slowly...

...that's how I intend to potty train Luci.

She has been really good about running up to me with a diaper and wipes even before I realize that she pooped, or she will just call out "DI-PA" and I know that I need to change her.

So I decided just to get her interested in sitting on the potty.

I started about 2 weeks ago with having her sit on the potty seat after her morning milk (because she usually poops within 5 minutes of finishing), and then again right before her bath. She liked sitting on it because Elmo is all over it, but nothing ever happened.

Until last night. Before her bath, she tinkled a little while on the seat, and of course we make a big deal about it to let her know that she should continue to do that. Then again this morning, I sat on the seat after her milk, and sure enough - she pooped!

I am not going to push this on her too forcefully because I am afraid that she will digress once the baby comes, so we are just going ahead slowly.

PS - sorry about the potty-post, but this is what excites me these days!

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