Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quit - cold turkey

Luci has been a thumb sucker since she was in utero (she came out with blood blisters on her hands/wrists due to sucking in there!).

I was never too concerned about it - it was a great soother for her.

Well last weekend when she had a stomach virus, I noticed that when she would put her thumb in her mouth, she would then immediately remove it and frantically wipe it over and over again with her other hand.

This continued through the earlier part of the week. Then I also noticed that when she would go to put her thumb in her mouth, she would pull her hand down at the last minute to not suck her thumb.

Now, she is practically broken of the habit --- ALL.BY.HERSELF!!!!

We did bust her with her thumb in her mouth in the middle of her nap today, but that didn't last too long.

There is a downside - getting her to fall asleep for naps or nighttime is not as easy anymore because she doesn't have her thumb to soothe her anymore.

My little girl is growing up TOO fast!

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