Monday, February 28, 2011

January-February 2011

We started out the New Year savoring the last available moments at the restaurant. We would go there to eat, pack up food, and just enjoy being there together for the last time. It was really sad, but my parents are thrilled to be retired now!

Luci is little miss independent now. She insists on doing everything by herself - eating, dressing, even changing her diaper - we know what her limits are, even if she doesn't. She actually does a really good job at dressing herself, it impresses me. She even tries to choose her outfits, but I have to intervene when they don't match, but she doesn't mind too much.

The funniest thing about her is how she refers to herself. If you break up her name, she can clearly say "lou" and "see" but when you ask her to say "Luci" it comes out "Dee Dee." It's hilarious. So when you are trying to buckle her in her seat, she points to herself and says "Dee Dee" to tell us that she wants to do it herself.

She loves to sing and dance for us too. She puts on a little show for us every night before and after her bath where John and I have to sit on the floor, watch her, and clap for her when she finishes. I can't wait to enroll her in a dance school - she will be very entertaining at a recital.

I am not sure how much she really understands that a little baby is going be to invading her space in the next 2 months. We almost finished her new room, and she loves to go in there and lay on her new bed. For now, she is still in the nursery - but we intend to move her within the next month just to get her used to the new space before the baby is here so that she doesn't associate the move with the baby. She should transition well - the 2 times we have left her all night with my parents' she slept all night in a twin bed with bed rails without any problems.

We are really looking forward to next couple of months - lots of birthdays to celebrate (including Luci's 2nd), Easter, and of course the new baby's arrival!

Here are pictures from the past 2 months.


1SliperJoe said...

lol I love the title of this blog :)

Sarah said...

I've said it before, but I plan to keep procreating until I have a girl simply so I can pull her hair up in those adorable pigtails. Luci is so cute.