Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here We Go!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and for Pittsburgh it's the greatest day in the entire year. This town goes crazy when the Steelers make it to the play-offs, so just think how much crazier it is when we are in the Super Bowl.
Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Steelers fan. I grew up with watching Steelers football with my Dad every Sunday - Myron Cope's voice blaring through a little radio (my Dad would prefer to mute the TV and listen to the radio instead of listening to the guys on TV).

Now I am married to an even bigger Steelers fan. John has season tickets, which means that we are at every home game. Well, this year, I stopped going in October...the cold weather and bathroom breaks were too much for me. We have so much fun going to the games - meeting up with friends, tailgating, and becoming friends with all the other season-ticket holders that sit around us. There is just a special bond between Steelers fans.

Friday was a crazy day downtown. One of the radio stations sponsored a "Bird Bashing" event where they painted an old car in red and decorated it with the Arizona Cardinal emblem and then had Pittsburghers take turns bashing the car. They called the car the "Cardinal Clunker." Here is a picture of the event:
I support fun event like this. However, there are people who take things a little too far. For instance, on Friday afternoon there were already 2-hour delay notices for various school districts for Monday morning. And yes, it's because of the Super Bowl. C'mon now. We were just in the Super Bowl 3 years ago, and there was nothing like this. People are nuts!

Nonetheless - I can't wait till tonight. We are going to John's aunt's house for a party. We will be decked out in our Steelers gear, cheering on our team to a historical 6th Lombardi Trophy.


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