Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet the Parents

Last night showed the "home-town" dates on "The Bachelor" where the 4 remaining girls took Jason home with them to meet their families and friends. I'll break it down by each girl:

Jillian - LOVE HER! She did finally let her guard down and told Jason the real reason why she puts up the strong front all the time. So in addition to her fun, carefree, and out-going personality, there is also a sensitive and compassion person - and I think that Jason was happy to see that. I loved it when Jason asked something like "Well, what do you want now?" And her answer was an enthusiastic "YOU!" He can't question her intentions anymore. Plus her family was great...I don't think that I ever saw a home-town date go so well in all the years that I have watched this crap!

Molly - Blah! Golfing at her country club - I am not into golfing AT ALL, so this didn't excite me. And what was up with her mom and the hats? I missed something there, I think. Can anyone enlighten me there? The longer she is on the show, the more her like-ability dwindles for me. I think that she is kinda stuck-up, but he seems to like her a whole lot.

Naomi - I can't say anything more than: entertaining! Holy crap! Her mom is a wack-job! And poor Jason was being so polite by going along with the funeral for the dead dove (yes, you read that right!), but the whole time he had a look on his face that blatantly read: "Are you f-ing kidding me?" Then her mom got into the whole reincarnation thing. And her dad with the "Jesus is the Lord" thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I am Catholic and very dedicated to my religion. But what they haven't brought up on the show yet (and I heard this at work) is that Jason is Jewish! So pushing the "Jesus is Lord" issue would be a little over-the-top for a Jew probably. The whole visit was CRAZY!

Melissa - Poor Melissa. Her parents and brother backed out of meeting Jason because they didn't want to be put on display for the whole country to see, pretty much. According to Melissa, they are very private people, and I respect that, but I really felt for her. This may be something that could hurt her in the end. I mean - look at the way Jillian's family was with Jason - there would be no question whether or not an engagement between them would be accepted. However, that confidence isn't there with Melissa, because she didn't have the opportunity to introduce Jason to her family. I kept hoping that they would show up at her friends' house eventually. Bummer for her.

So, Naomi was the one booted this week...could it have something to do with her crazy family? I wonder...

And - NEW ZEALAND?!?!?! That is a bold trip for this show. They typically go to the Bahamas, Aruba, or Mexico (usually within this hemisphere). That should make for an amazing trip!

FINALLY - DeAnna makes her return in New Zealand. I am sticking with my prediction from earlier this season - I think that they edited some of her statements to make it seem like she wants another chance with Jason. I predict that she shows up to help him with his decision.

Can't wait for next week!


Becky said...

I can't wait for next week either!

I LOVE Jillian. Her hometown date was the best ever (that I can remember). I'm so not liking Molly. The country club date made me want to puke. Seriously... she had to take him to a country club?!? And the hats were out of control; not sure about that. As for Melissa, I felt really bad for her. I kept thinking her parents were going to surprise her. I was also SHOCKED that none of her friends knew her parents. Something is fishy there. Not sure how it will impact the outcome of the show.

I'm so glad Naomi was sent home. Her hometown date was crazy. Crazy BAD, that is. Her dad was a little too preachy. I felt like he wanted to tell Jason how to be and had no interest in getting to know who he was.

I'm SO excited for Deanna's return!!!

WASPy Girl said...

After 6 years spent with a university full of flipped-up collar people, I've learned to be wary of them. I hope Molly is the next to go. It was definitely predictable from the previews that Molly got the boot this week.

WASPy Girl said...

oops. i meant naomi