Monday, September 8, 2008

Roio del Sangro

After we returned to Civitavecchia, we rented cars and ventured to my Dad's home town: Roio del Sangro.

My Dad and his siblings still own the house that they grew up in. My aunt (Zia Maria) lives in Milan and goes to Roio in the summer. Actually, that is the trend there. During the year, there are only about 50 people who live in the town. However, when August hits, everyone comes back for an annual reunion - so we just happened to be there for all of the festivities.

Also my 2 first cousins were there: Donatella and Andrea. Donatella has 3 children, the oldest of which is just a few years younger than me, but only her youngest, Sharon, was there. See, Zia Maria is about 15 years older than my Dad, so her children are a few years younger than him. I hadn't seen either one of them since high school. Fortunately, Zia Maria and Sharon were just here last summer for Marina's wedding.

But pretty much, we are related to everyone in that town, it seems. The last time that I was there was in 1981 - I was 3. But those were my first memories, and there were things that I recalled doing and seeing 27 years ago. Marina and I posed for pictures as we did back then - it was so much fun.

The craziest part was our last night there. They had this huge party called the Boar Festival. They cooked I don't know how many boars, pounds of pasta, and served hundreds of people. There are a ton of pictures of this. They even brought in a HUGE live boar that was raffled off. No, we didn't win in - thank goodness!

I hope that you enjoy these pictures: