Sunday, September 7, 2008

Carnival Freedom

We took a bunch of pictures of exterior of the boat, the interior of the boat, what we saw when we were on the boat, and things we did on the boat.

Some highlights:
  • John and I participated in the "Pool Olympics." First part consisted of 2 teams in a relay race. Each person had to put on a T-shirt, swim to the opposite end of the pool, get out, wring out the shirt into a bucket, put it back on, swim back to the other end, take off the shirt, and give it to the next person. Team to fill bucket first won. So, our team won. Then, we were in a competition with each other. With this one, we were given a spoon to put in our mouths by the handle with a golf ball in the ladle, swim to one end and back - person with the fastest time won. Little bonus - all the kids sat on the edge of the pool and kicked. I won!
  • We karyoked one night - tons of fun!

  • John had a photo-shoot with a statue by the pool.

  • Dancing at dinner with the waitstaff.

We also were surprised each night with a different animal created from a towel in our room. Those room stewards are pretty talented!

Here is the link to the pictures of the ship:


Becky said...

Congratulations on your big wins at the Pool Olympics! I loved the picture of you swimming through all the kicks and splashes from the kids.

Couple of other observations:

1. John gets really tan. Unbelievable how dark his skin is after a summer at the pool and a vacation at sea.

2. It was nice to see your curly hair again. I haven't seen it in ages and it reminds me of college... ah - the good old days!

3. I loved John's photo shoot with the pool statue. Those are definitely keepers!!

pajama mom said...

yes, LOVE the curly hair!

Becky said...

Speaking of your curly hair... the curls don't look like they are as tight as they used to be. They didn't look like the spirals you had in college. Am I right? Or is it just the picture/angle?

Either way I love seeing you with the curls. Reminds me of college!!

Carla said...

don't worry - they are still pretty spirally. i wear my hair curly every day now - i am too lazy to straighten it every morning. i only straighten it on the weekends.

by the time cara sees me during the week (she lives across the street)- i have already gone swimming and it is up so you can't tell that it's curly.