Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Florence and Pisa

Our final port of call was Livorno, Italy - and of course we went to see Florence and Pisa. They are such incredible cities with unbelievable architecture and history.

We started in Florence where we toured various squares and admired various churches. We even had some free time to explore Ponte Vecchio, which is the bridge with hundreds of jewelry stores.

After a wonderful lunch, we ventured to Pisa. My mom actually cried a little once we entered into the square where the cathedral, the baptistry, and of course the Leaning Tower are located. It truly is a great site to see. We did the typical tourist pictures of pretending to be holding up the tower...you just gotta do it when you are there.

It was a great final excursion to conclude our cruise.

Here is the link to Florence and Pisa pictures:

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pajama mom said...

you will never need art for your walls - just pick out a picture and enlarge!

these are all so great.