Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Highlands!

Growing up, we belonged to a neighborhood swim club - Highlands Aqua Club.
It was the best place EVER!!!

We spent pretty much every day there in the summer:
we would arrive early in the morning for swim team practice,
stay through the afternoon,
return in the evening for swim meets,
or just remain there for dinner on non-meet days.

Seriously - the best times, the best friends, the best memories,

Well, Highlands is celebrating its 50th summer this year.  They had a big party yesterday and spent all day there just like in the good old days!

Here are some pictures of those days:

1985 HAC Swim Team

That's me- going off the "low-dive" - 1984

 First year on the swim team - didn't know about cap and goggles just yet

A little more experienced now - 1985

Finishing warm-ups - circa 1990

Here's Luci swimming at the baby pool!

 Thanks Highlands  - for the best days of my childhood!!!

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Sarah said...

You should blow up that second picture really big! It is AWESOME!