Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 - Alena 7 months

Alena is going to be a talkative one - she is already trying to get words out with constantly spouting out "ba ba ba ba ba." Sometimes I swear she says "mama" but I am sure that I am delusional.

She loves her big sister - they play so well together now that Alena can sit up. Luci even shares her toys with her little sister. Although Luci tends to be a bit rough with Alena, she doesn't seem to mind one bit. The other day, I was washing dishes and I looked up to see Luci walking toward me saying "here Mama - here's Alena!" I wish I had the scene on video - Alena was dangling from Luci's arms with a huge smile on her face as Luci was CARRYING her into the kitchen!!!!!!!!!

She is eating like a pro now - one container of veggies and one container of fruit every day - in addition to 8-10 oz of Mama's milk 4-5 times daily. I am no longer concerned about her bowel habits - she is quite regular now. I have a lot of frozen soups from my parents and I am going to start to puree those for her now that she has been developing a good palate.

She is sleeping great too - at least 10 hours at night and at least 1 2-3 hour nap during the day with little cat naps here and there. No more need for the cry-it-out method. She is starting to stand with support now, like holding onto the couch. She is also starting the beginning steps of crawling - as she sits on the floor, she is lunging forward to grab things further away. But I am hoping that actual crawling doesn't start for awhile.

Luci has quite an imagination. She plays so adorably - I watch her as she acts out little scenes with her dolls and toys. She is loving the Christmas season with the tree, lights, and songs. She can sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" in its entirety.

She's a smart little whip too. She has been able to recite the alphabet and count to 12 for some time now (she knows the numbers to 20, but from 13-20 she mixes them up). Lately she has an interest in learning Spanish. One of Alena's toys has a Spanish mode, and Luci is always changing the switch from English to Spanish. So much so that I can sing the alphabet in Spanish now and I can hear Luci going through some of the letters with me.

We still have not mastered going on the potty consistently, I am hoping it will come in time. Santa is bringing her big-girl underwear with the princesses and Tinker Bell on them - I hope that they will be an incentive. We'll see!


WASPY GIRL said...

Carla, Way to be an overachiever with the Christmas cards! I'll probably be addressing mine between 2-3 a.m. on Dec 24th. Yours was the first one I got :) It's very, very nice, though :)

Carla said...

I don't know what is with me this season - I am WAY ahead of the game. I am usually not even thinking of having the pictures taken yet.