Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2011 - Alena 8 months

Christmas was wonderful with our 2 little girls. They were so mesmerized by the tree, the lights, the music, the stories, and the movies. Santa was very good to them - and to us by not bringing too many gifts!

Alena is turning into such a Mama's girl. She lights up when I go near her and gets pretty upset when I leave a room. I am fine with it because Luci has turned into a huge Daddy's girl, so it will be nice to have a daughter who prefers me!

She is still trying to crawl, but hasn't mastered it yet. She can get up on all 4's for a split second and then her legs slide out from under her - she gets so upset when that happens. I am really not encouraging the crawling thing because I am still enjoying the non-mobile phase. I remember with Luci that once she started crawling - it was all over!

She is turning into a great eater too. She gobbles down all the fruits and vegetables that we feed her. And I have started pureeing the thickened soups from my parents, so she is getting a variety of flavors now too. She started feeding herself finger foods over the past week or so. She struggles a little with those puffs, but when she gets one in her mouth, so is so happy!

I am sad to report that her 2 bottom teeth have popped through over the past few days. Right around this time of year the same thing happened with Luci. However, after she bit me a few times, she sensed my hesitation when I went to nurse her and she quit nursing on her own. It was devastating to me. I am hoping that Alena won't bite me or if she will that I won't be as apprehensive about nursing. I have no problems with solely pumping the last 4 months, but I really enjoy nursing. Although I have SO MUCH milk in the freezer that I could probably quit pumping and nursing in February and be fine till she turns 1.

Luci continues to be a great big sister. She loves to play with Alena and share her toys (well, most of the time). She got a karaoke machine from John's parents and she loves performing for us - it is quite a sight! We are still struggling with potty training, but she will get it when she is ready.

We hope that everyone had a great holiday as we did!

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