Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Losing my mind!

I need to find my groove again.

I am a very methodical person and I like routines.

But being out of routine for 12 weeks definitely takes its tool.

I tried to be organized last night for this morning:
Pump was set for the morning session.
Lunch packed in the fridge.
Oatmeal packet in my purse.
Clothes out.

Everything went very well at home and I was out of the door early...
despite Alena waking to nurse at 4am (thanks, sweetie!).

I was feeling my groove again at work quite easily.
Then I went to pump,
and I realized that I forgot a piece at home!

Thankfully John was off and was willing to bring the piece to me,
because there was NO way that I could wait until I got home.

I never did this after I had Luci...I am really losing my mind!


Sarah said...

That's the worst! I still get panicky about always having my pump with me. I've even started assembling it before I leave the house to ensure I don't forget one of the cajillion little pieces.

WASPY GIRL said...

Ahhhh, can't wait to dust off the old pump. jk. I too used to assemble the pump before leaving the house. I'm not as naturally organized as you and I work far away from home, so it's a necessity.