Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 2011

Our little girl continues to amaze us daily.

She is starting to speak in full sentences, and can even count to 12 and sing her ABC's (not perfectly, but pretty darn close!). She repeats EVERYTHING - which means we are trying to be on our best behavior in terms of which words we are choosing when talking to each other. She follows conversations that are not directed toward her or that do not include her, so we have to be extra careful!

She has made lots of friends. I take her to a Mom's group through our church when I can, and she loves playing with those kids. There are a few neighborhood friends who she recognizes and runs to when she sees them out and about.

This was a very busy month. We celebrated many birthdays - mine, my sister's, my twin nieces', John's grandmother's, Luci's, and John's.All of this in addition to going to a princess tea hosted at my old high school, multiple Easter egg hunts,and Easter.

We even had the pleasure of my dad's sister from Italy to visit us for the past month. It was great to watch as Luci built a relationship with her Great Aunt.

We have been trying to prepare Luci for the arrival of the new baby by slowing introducing new things to her. For instance, a few weeks ago, I put the infant car seat in the car, then I set up the swing, and just this afternoon I set up the pack-n-play. When you ask her who those are for, she answers "new baby," who she now insists is a brother.

Here are more pictures from the past month.

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