Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Room - Part 2

I posted in January about my plans on making room for the baby - here is the follow-up.

I had first mentioned about moving Luci to her new room.
The queen bed is gone, the twin bed is in.
The furniture has been rearranged.
We just need to fill the walls.
Here is what it looks like so far:
This picture isn't the best, but the walls are a bright green, and there is bright green in the bedding along with the various shades of pink.

The second part of the project was making room for all the toys.
John's cousin came and took the pieces of furniture that we felt that we really didn't need.
We did keep a few things, like a love seat for some seating and an antique desk that was given to us as a wedding gift.
Here is what it looks like now invaded by toys:
There is just so much more room in there for Luci to play, which we all love.

Slowly but surely - we are getting ready for baby #2!

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Marco Dolci said...

what a nice princess' bedroom! Spaces in Usa's houses are greater than here in italy!! it is as wide as my whole livingroom!!! :)