Saturday, January 1, 2011

November-December 2010

I slacked off last month with updates and photos - but I am catching up now.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were the obvious highlights of the last 2 months, but here are some others:

Luci's new obsession is coloring. She absolutely loves it. I bought her all sorts of coloring books, which can keep her occupied while I pay bills, cook, eat, they are even a lifesaver in church! She definitely doesn't color inside the lines, but I am happy that she is interested in it at all.

I know that I have mentioned in other posts about my family's Thursday night dinners at my parents' house. Well, lately the girls have started a new trend where they raid my old bedroom, find the old gloves scarves, hats, etc. that we used when we were at home, dress up in them, and then parade around the house. They even make Nonno a part of the fun.

We celebrated Pappy's birthday before Thanksgiving, and then again on Thanksgiving, which Luci loved, because she so enjoys blowing out the candles on birthday cakes, whether its hers or someone else's.

My old high school hosts an annual Breakfast with Santa, which we always attend. Although Luci wasn't too keen on sitting on Santa's lap this year, we did get pretty close. She put on a show for everyone there while she danced and jumped to the carolers' singing. She even got comfy on the back of the camel and cow on the big Nativity display.

My sisters and I have always made out-out cookies for Christmas, and we have carried on the tradition with our girls too now. Although they are not the prettiest cookies, we sure do have a lot of fun making them!

We all know that Luci is a thumb-sucker, and she hated the pacifier as a baby. Well now she has developed a new liking to the chee-chee (which is how we always referred to the pacifier). But the funny thing is that the only 2 places where she ever asks for it is at my Mom's house or my Aunt Anna's house - no where else. What can I say? She has a mind of her own.

The holidays were great - filled with family, food and presents - too many presents almost! I think that I am going to have to clear out a room just for toys. We'll see how that turns out.

Finally, we celebrated the last supper at my parents' restaurant New Years' Eve, which was very bittersweet. We all ate together as a big family for an early dinner. Then the husbands left with the all the girls, and my sisters and I stayed to help out with a busy evening. My parents' went out with a bang!

Here are more pictures.

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Jane said...

sounds like you had a great christmas! I am following your blog, which I think is great! hope you also follow me,blessings jane