Monday, December 1, 2008

Very productive evening

John and I made a plan: we were going to venture to Monroeville and do the shopping that we needed to do all in one trip...and we succeeded. We even made a list of the stores that we intended to go to along with the specific purchases at each individual store. I am not a and out...that's how I shop: no dilly-dallying (especially during this time of year).

We we left our house at 2:30pm. We even strategized our route so that there was no back-tracking. We started at Giant Eagle to purchase gift cards for some of the stores that we were going to (hey - $0.20 in fuel perks for every $50 in gift cards - works for me!).

Then we were off of Pier 1 Imports because I love their Le Bien ornaments every year. My mom has been collecting them since I was in high school. Each year, they have about 6-8 different ornaments all dated for that year. Since my mom doesn't put a tree up anymore, she gave most of her ornaments to us, so our tree is filled with them, and they are beautiful!

Next was a stop at Big Lots to see how some Christmas decorations were priced. I have been wanting to put wreaths in all of our front windows, but never had the ambition, but this year I am determined. We weren't impressed with the selection - wasted stop.

Then it was a quick buy at Macy's and then to Dick's...success at both. Next was a pit-stop at The Baby Depot for a quite gander at their bedding. Their website says that they carry the bedding that I desperately want, but I don't want to register for anything before I have at least seen it in person. Unfortunately, they don't have in stock yet...bummer. (Here's a picture of it, in case you were wondering...comments?)

We even stopped by Cribs to Teens to check out their crib selection...quite impressive. Definitely found some good ones and John checked out the gliders for me...I wonder who is going to be using that more...hmmmmm.

Finally, we stopped at Michael's to see what their selection of wreaths was like - $1.99 each - SOLD! Hey, when you have 9 front facing windows, you need to be frugal.

In all, we had a great shopping venture...and we were home by 6:00pm! I was very proud of ourselves and now most of the Christmas presents are bought!


pajama mom said...

i love the bedding. and majorly jealous you got to shop. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the bedding. But from my vantage point it looks a little on the pink side. Are you fairly certain you're having a girl? Or you could be going for the anti-gender-conditioning approach to nursery decor:) Very cute, though.


Carla said...

well, imagine it without the pink crib sheet and replace it with either green or yellow. if you see a bigger picture of it, the other colors are more vivid.

i want to stay neutral without a distinct theme (ie jungle, frogs, bugs, lambs, etc), but i still want a "baby" feel. you should see some of the bedding out there - so many browns and dark colors.

Carla said...

oh, and place it all in a bright yellow room!