Monday, December 22, 2008


Well it's the second day of winter in Pittsburgh, and it definitely feels like it. We woke up to a brisk 3 degrees this morning!

Actually, the morning was quite chaotic. When I went into the bathroom to take a shower, no water ran from the all! CRAP! Frozen pipes. Then I's kinda cold in here. I felt the vent, and there was air coming through...just not warm air. CRAP again!

So I had to wake John up (which I felt badly about because he got called at 9:00pm last night for a 2 hour delay this morning...and here I am waking him up at 4:30am!). Anyway, I went to our other bathroom, and thankfully we had water there. Our master bathtub is on 2 outside walls (ingenious arrangement by some brilliant architect!), so that explained the lack of water there and the presence of water in our other bathroom.

Fortunately due to John's 2 hour delay, he was able to fix our problems. He propped a hair dryer against the pipes to help thaw them out, which finally worked after 2 we have water again in our master bathroom! Then he went into the basement and cleaned our filter...which was disgusting apparently (guess we should make it a monthly ritual to clean that thing...probably a common oversight by newer homeowners). Now the vents are blow WARM air.

So now the outside temp has increased to a whopping 9 degrees! With the wind chill, it's still below zero....COLD!!!! I plan on remaining indoors today!

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