Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's getting the boot?

It's the end of the Fall season for "Dancing with the Stars" (aren't you impressed that this is the first post about it?). Last night was the semi-finals and tonight's results show will reveal who advances to the final next week...exciting, I know!

Here's who is left:
Lance Bass - Hello? Who can forget the recent out-of-the-closet former pop star of *NSYNC? I think that everyone expected a lot from Lance being that he was a part of a boy band and therefore did a lot of dancing. However, he had a pretty rocky start and just last night really stood out.

Brooke Burke - Actress, host, entrepreneur. I am totally envious of her. She is a mom of 4, with her youngest being no more than 6 months old - and you should see her body. Must be nice to have tons of money so that you can look like that. Anyway, she has been the front runner the entire time...up until last night when her Jive was total crap.

Cody Linley - He is best known for his role as "Jake Ryan" on the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana." (BTW - did anyone catch his character's name - the same name as Molly Ringwald's crush from "Sixteen Candles"). He's young and cute, and he really tries hard. Not sure how much further he will go in the show.

Warren Sapp - He is a recently retired defensive tackle and Superbowl Champion who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders during his 13 year career. I distinctly remember when the Steelers played the Buccaneers a few years ago, and Warren Sapp and Joey Porter got penalties even before the game started due to their mouths. So, it's fun to see the same guy literally gliding across the dance floor...he's pretty good!

My prediction - tonight's victim will be Cody.
FYI - I saw a commercial last night previewing "The Bachelor" with rejected Jason from last season. It confirmed that the season starts in January...can't wait!

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Becky said...

I'm excited, too. Cannot wait!!