Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tis the Season

Halloween...nope, it's over now. The election...yeah, like I would be excited about that. Thanksgiving...not yet. Christmas...PLEASE!

No. It is time for the start of the high school swim team season. John coaches a local high school swim team (Valley High School in New Kensington). Last season, I started swimming with the team as an attempt to start regular exercise without too much stress on my back. Well, that was the best idea that I ever had in terms of an exercise regime. I even joined a local club by our house in the off season and continued to swim at least 4 times a week.

Last year, I was swimming with the fastest kids (going last, of course). But it was so much fun and kids really seemed to enjoy having me there. Even when we went to various graduation parties this summer, they were always asking if I was coming back to swim.

John had a meeting on Monday for the team and then pre-season (non-mandatory) practices started on Tuesday. John and I both thought that it would be best if I would swim in one of the slower lanes, and gradually move down as the practices got tougher.

However, when I arrived at the pool on Tuesday afternoon, the lane the fewest amount of kids was of course the fastest lane. I figured that I would be fine for the first few weeks until they start to get back into shape, then I would start to move down. When I informed the kids that I would not be a permanent lane-mate, they were so disappointed. But then we told them why, and they were so excited.

My doctor we so pleased to hear that I swim regularly. But there were concerns that we had - How much is too much? Could I dive in? Should I at some point stop doing flip turns? We were told to keep my heart rate no higher than 140 (which is quite difficult...I have to sit out a 50 here and there). Diving in is going to be a no-no soon. Flip turns are fine, but I will reach a point when I just physically will not be able to do them anymore.

Now I have to start looking into maternity bathing suits, because my Speedos are not too comfy anymore. I am starting to get suit-hickeys - my fellow swimmers know what I am talking about. I am wondering if I just go up in sizes, would that be enough to cover the expanding belly. I am not showing by any means yet, but my gut has traveled north and looks much bigger then it ever has...not very happy about that. So, you could imagine how great that looks in a Speedo.

I am just happy that my schedule allows me to have such a regular exercise slot so that I can try to maintain a healthy life-style during this pregnancy. Because we all know that it will never be feasible with subsequent pregnancies!


Becky said...

be careful doing flip-turns with a pullbuoy. before you know it your belly will be touching the pullbuoy during turns and it hurts if you hit it just right. also getting out of the pool by just pushing yourself up will become hard, too. i was still swimming - slowly - at 8.5 months. it wasn't pretty or fast, but i felt great.

i cannot wait to see you and your belly! stay healthy!!!

pajama mom said...

maternity bathing suits are awesome. i wish i could still get away with wearing one.

kudos to you for exercising! i preferred to get mine walking to the buffet.