Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Venice, part 2

For our second day in Venice, we decided to not go on an organized excursion. Instead we took a boat from the port to St. Mark's Square and had a day on our own.

Although the line to enter the Basilica was quite long, we found a side entrance and were able to admire the church from within. Actually, when I was there in high school, I attend mass there - which was cool. It was in Latin, so I understood nothing, but still cool.

Afterward, we wandered the streets behind the square and did some shopping. We ate lunch in the square, and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

By the afternoon, it was so HOT (like it was the entire trip), we decided to head back to the ship. One of the best parts of Venice was leaving it - because we were able to watch the city as we sailed by - there are tons of pictures of this.

Here is the link for Venice, part 2:


pajama mom said...

ok, i let the first one slide, but now i have to ask about the random boob shots... :)

Carla said...

you know john...he's a goof-ball!

pajama mom said...

too funny!

then i guess you should only start to worry when he doesn't take them anymore!