Friday, August 22, 2008

The Island of Capri

So once we finally got on to the boat and unpacked, we were totally spent. We relaxed by the pool and watched over the side as we pulled away from the port at Civitavecchia. We were not looking forward to getting up early for the next day's excursion.

However, the excursion was amazing! Naples is not the prettiest city and although seeing Pompeii and what Mt. Vesuvius did to it is kinda cool (I was there in high school), we opted to go and spend the entire day on the island of Capri - right move!

We took a jetfoil from the port in Naples to the island. We drove up a hill (which the people there refer to as "Mama Mia") to Anacapri. There, we rode chairlifts up the mountain and experienced the most breathtaking scenery. Later, drove back down Mama Mia and had a yummy lunch, and then did some shopping.

It was maybe one of my favorite stops!

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