Monday, November 10, 2014

John Paul - 1 month

a little late...

He is not nearly as high maintenance as the girls were.
When he cries, he's hungry, then he's satisfied.

Sleeping in 2-4 hour spurts at night.
I guess it could be worse.

The girls were the same way,
so if he follows their pattern, he should be sleeping through the night by the time I return to work.

He's nursing like a dream - no problems with latching or nipple confusion.
He takes the bottle without a problem - even from me.

The girls LOVE him - maybe a little TOO much!

I am much better this time around - as compared to after I had Alena.
(I was a hot mess back then!).

With the girls in school, I am forced to get up, get ready, and get them ready in the morning.
Which is actually really good for me, because I feel refreshed pretty early in the day.

I am sleep deprived, but I am functioning pretty well considering...
let's hope that he starts sleeping better over the next month!

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Becca said...

I am so glad these posts are back! Love to you all!