Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1.5 and 3.5

Alena has changed so much over the past 6 months - she has her own language now - most words we can understand, but some of them are still gibberish.  Some of her favorites are: mama, daddy, nonni, sissy/Luci ("deedee"), pappy, babci ("bubby"), shoe ("doo"), juice ("joo"), baba (sippy cup), bow, hi, bye, night-night, eat, ear, eye, school, mine, teeth.

Her gait is back to normal since her cast was removed - it only took 10 days.  She is trying to jump and can't get the hang of it just yet, but it is so cute to watch her try!  She is also into coloring - as long as the crayons stay out of her mouth!  She adores her big sister and wants to play with her all the time.

She is a great cuddler and give tight squeezes around your neck when she gives hugs and she loves to give kisses too.  I will be washing dishes and she will run up to me, squeeze my legs and kiss them - she's so sweet!

Luci is doing great as well.  She adjusted well to school and loves to go.  She also goes to dance school and has no problems there - unlike last year. 

She recognizes letters and is starting to write them as well.  She will be sitting at the table with her paper and crayons, and then I'll hear "look - I made a capital I" - and she did.  She can draw faces too - she used to draw them upside down, but now she draws them right side up.  She struggled with using scissors at school, but she has gotten much better at using them now.

Luci plays very nicely - even by herself.  She will get out barbies, dolls, and other toys, and role play with them.  There's always a mom, dad, little sister, and big sister - I love to listen to her play the different roles. 

Her lastest obsession is watching how to bake cakes and now we have turned it into our new hobby that we do together - we love it!

We are looking forward to the holidays up  - and I hope to be a little better with my updates!

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