Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 - Alena 11 months

Alena is still cruising with ease. She is able to stand on her own for long periods of time and has even taken a few steps. She walks really well when holding my fingers, which she wasn't able to do last week. Her balance is still shaky, so I think it may be a while until she is walking steadily.

She is a waving and pointing fool these days. She is hilarious at church - she loves to look all around and wave at everyone with a huge smile on her face. It's really adorable.

We went to an Easter Bunny brunch last week and Alena got her picture taken on the Easter Bunny's lap - unlike her sister who was petrified! Luci refused to sit on the bunny's lap, but we got a quick family picture with him!We have been loving the warm weather these days - going outside to play with neighbors, going on walks, and playing on the swing set (best purchase ever!). We even made a visit to the zoo - we had lots of fun seeing the animals and spending time with our friend Cameron.We just started transitioning Luci to wearing underwear at night. Despite the fact that she is potty trained, we still put diapers on her at night. About 80% of the time her diapers were dry, so we decided to try underwear. She did great for 2 nights, but had accidents the past 2 nights. Any suggestions/tips here would be appreciated.

Since I have a month supply of frozen breast milk packets, I am in the process of terminating breastfeeding and pumping. I wish I had documented how I did it with Luci, because I totally forget. It's going well though - I am able to go a full 24 hours now, but I was hoping that today would be my last day, but I doubt it.

We have a big month ahead of us with Easter, birthdays, and lots of parties! But we are most excited for Luci's 3rd and Alena's 1st birthdays!