Sunday, October 2, 2011

September 2011 - Alena 5 months

Alena is our chunky monkey - weighing in at over 16 pounds already. But she is really long too. We always thought that Luci was tall, but Alena is 2 inches longer than Luci at this age already. She has been out of her 3-6 month sleeps for over a month already - they were just too short for her. The 6-9 month sleeps are just right now, which means she will be in 12 months sleepers sooner enough.

We noticed a change in her eye color. She did had blue eyes the first 2 months. During the next couple months, we though that they were going to be green. Now it seems as though that have changed again - to brown. Finally a brown-eyed grandchild - all the other girls have blue eyes.

We just started her on cereal and baby foods, which she is taking very well. But she still loves her mama's milk. I didn't think that I would be able to keep up with nursing and pumping as well as I did with Luci, but my mild supply this time is even more abundant than before. I have about 60-70 packets of milk in my fridge right now (anywhere between 7-11 ounce packets). It was never like that with Luci. It's crazy how things are different.

Speaking of differences - Luci was sitting up on her own by this time, but Alena can't do that just yet. If I try to sit her up on her own, she just folds over in half. Her back just isn't strong enough yet. She rolls from her back to her belly all the time, and holds her head well when she is on her belly, but she still needs to build strength to sit up. She is in her Bumbo chair quite a bit as a result.

Unfortunately, she has developed her second cold, which now has turned into a right ear infection. So she is on her first course of antibiotics. She has been sleeping in her carrier for a week now, which allows her to be comfortable and not choke on her mucous in the back of her throat when she is flat on her back.

She smiles and laughs all the time now. And she definitely recognizes those faces with whom she is familiar. When I come home from work and she sees me - her little face lights up and she kicks her legs and goes crazy. I love it!

Luci started dance school earlier this month. It's going alright. She freaks out at times and runs to the door for either me or John. We tell her to go back, and she does, then 5-7 minutes later, she does it again. I am hoping that as the weeks go by, she will become more comfortable and not need us to be at the door anymore. There is a window where we can sit and see each other, but she wants us at the door. Thankfully, we are not the only parents at the door.

Potty training was going really well right after I had Alena because we were at home (inside) all the time. She would go on the potty 4-5 times each day. But as I became more comfortable with the baby, we would start to venture out - going to the pool, to parties, etc. - and we lost the consistency of going on the potty. She will still go every night before her bath. She also tells us the instant she makes #2, and she just started to tell us when she makes #1. We tell her to let us know BEFORE, but I don't know if she totally understands what we are saying.

I love being part time these days because it really allows me to appreciate both aspects of my life now - career and motherhood. Staying clinical in my field is critical, but I think that in the future that I may go into education (there are a ton of PA schools in this area), so that I can have summers off and be able to take my girls to the pool on a daily basis - just as my mom did for us - and I wouldn't trade those years for anything!

Here are pictures from the last month.

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