Monday, July 26, 2010

July 2010

She is CRAZY!

That's how I describe her. Luci is non-stop - dancing, singing, running, climbing - there's no end. Her energy level is so high - I find it hard to keep up with her at times. I call her my monkey.

We finally joined a pool by our house, and she is loving it. We go swimming all the time - as long as it's nice when I get home from work - I pack her up and go. I love having that time with her. She is fearless in the water too - putting her face in, blowing bubbles, splashing around, even going under water.

She is starting to eat with a fork. She is insistent on being independent when it comes to using it. She needs help with spearing the food, but she is able to get it into her mouth without a problem.

The addition of little Gemma has made this past month exciting. Luci loves her. When she sees her, she extends her arms and repeats "baba, baba." And of course she licks her all over to give her kisses. It's adorable.

We had a rough patch earlier this month at night. Luci would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. The only thing that would calm her would be to let her sleep in our bed. This lasted for about 2 weeks - 4 molars coming in at once! Now they finally broke through the gums, she sleeps through the night again...thank goodness!

We are so excited for our vacation coming up - first trip to the beach!

Here are pictures from the last month!

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