Monday, March 8, 2010

So Happy!

I did it...I lost all of the pregnancy weight, plus a few extra pounds.

I was really frustrated with not being able to lose that weight. I had been running during the late summer and early fall, but I tore my left medial meniscus (the cartilage on the inside of my left knee). The orthopedic surgeon didn't think that surgery was necessary (thank goodness), so instead he injected my knee and it has been better ever since. However, I had to promise him to take a few months off in terms of running. Since I want to avoid surgery at all costs, I actually listened to him (medical professionals are the worst patients, and I am guilty of this as well).

So I had to do something that I have NEVER done in my life - go. on. a. diet. I have a few friends on Weight Watchers who had great success, so I decided to give it a try.


I started on New Years Day - totally cliche, I know, but I was desperate for a new start.

15 pounds later, I feel good, and I think that I look pretty good too. Most importantly - ALL of my clothes fit again...even clothes that didn't fit before the pregnancy.

Now that the sun is emerging, I am going to start running. Couch to 5K is my plan again. I have taken 5 months off, which I think should be enough. My knee is no longer chronically swollen and doesn't hurt anymore, plus I don't notice the "slipping" as much.

I just hope that I can maintain this weight now...time will tell!


pajama mom said...

you do look great!

WASPy Girl said...

Great! Congratulations. I noticed the weight really started dropping at about 6-7 months of nursing.